4 Benefits to A Monitor Desk Mount

Both at the office and at home, installing a monitor arm Monoprice desk mount could be quite an excellent decisions.  Actually, it could make a world of difference for your health!

No, really, its true! Here are 5 health benefits you get when you mount a monitor desk mount at your workstation:

BENEFIT #1:  No More Neck Strain

Traditionally, you would put your computer monitor on your desk at whatever level is available.  This means you have to stare in a static location the entire work day; and while that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are very tall or short, for example, the static location might not be optimal.  Installing a movable monitor arm, though, lets you adjust your monitor to the best possible viewing angle. More importantly, though, you can move it around as you change positions, which reduces tension in your eyes, neck, back, shoulders, and arms.

BENEFIT #2:  Point of View

Old televisions (before we had computer monitors) were square (mostly). Computer monitors followed suit and were built in a similarly square fashion. Of course, if you have been to the movies then you know that not all visual engagement is on a square screen.  As film moved away from the Cineplex and into homes (and then onto the computer), it made more sense to format televisions and monitors into the same widescreen letterbox format you find at the movies.  But mobile technology is often viewed in a different format (known as portrait).  As such, when you desk mount a monitor, you have the ability to switch from the widescreen (landscape) mode to portrait mode—and back again—whenever you want.

BENEFIT #3:  Space Saving

Every work space is different but they all share at least one quality:  limited space.  Desk mounting monitor allows you to lift it from its static place to make more room on your physical desktop for whatever other things you might need. It lets you be more organized or simply gives you more space to work with.

BENEFIT #4:  Mobility for your Convertible Desk

A lot of people, these days, are moving to a standing desk or, at least, a desk that goes between seated to standing.  This can be better for your health but when you convert the desk you may also need to adjust the monitor.  A desk mount allows you make that adjustment quickly.