The Coolest New Software Available for YOUR Business

 It’s no secret that the right software can help your business get ahead. Software products can help any business run more smoothly and efficiently, as well as help keep employees productive and ahead of the curve. Below are some of the coolest new software products available for businesses to use.


If you run a restaurant, CAKE is a point-of-sale (POS) software that makes running your restaurant easier than ever. Its restaurant-friendly features include the easy ability to customize orders, track what you have in stock and edit your menu in one place. It has a simple, flat transaction fee at 2.5% (an industry low) with no additional costs, and you have the option of leasing or purchasing the equipment. For quick service restaurants, this software can speed up service and trim down lines, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and more sales. CAKE also provides you with important data about how your restaurant is functioning so you can fix what isn’t working and improve what is. It is a restaurant POS software worth trying out.


Freshdesk is a new, cloud-based customer support software that will help your business provide the best customer service. As you probably already know, quality customer service is one of the best methods you have for retaining customers. Customer retention and satisfaction is key because it will help grow your business in the most cost-effective way: by referrals, as opposed to expensive and time-consuming marketing strategies. Freshdesk simplifies and automates customer service by converting all incoming e-mails into support tickets. Those tickets can then be prioritized, organized and diverted to the right people. The ticket system prevents follow-ups from being overlooked and replies from taking too long. Freshdesk even has a free option.


Slack is a communications app that is quickly growing in popularity for businesses, no matter their size. Slack is an instant messaging platform designed with businesses and productivity in mind. You can create different channels on it for each important line of communication, such as individual projects and employee alerts. This helps keep all employees on the same page and allows each team to have their own channel for better productivity and communication. It allows employees to share files with one another and is ideal for keeping everyone informed of last minute changes. It is fully mobile compatible so your employees can remain in contact while on the go. Finally, Slack is able to fully integrate with most major apps your business already uses.


CrowdFire is a new, free app and desktop software that helps businesses handle one of their most time-consuming but necessary tasks – social media management. Having a presence on various social media platforms is a must for modern businesses. However, you also need to put a lot of time into maintaining those accounts, including updating frequently, responding to messages and checking each individual site. The goal of CrowdFire is to provide you with a much cheaper but no less capable marketing assistant. During the setup process, it begins by understanding your social media goals and then recommends actions you can take to achieve those goals. It is available for PC, Apple devices and Android devices and integrates with the major social media sites such as Twitter (which it was originally developed for), Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. A thriving social media presence will grow your business and brand awareness, so it is worth cultivating.

My Minutes

My Minutes is a personal time tracker app that will help your employees improve their time management skills. The app works by letting its user select goals, such as only checking e-mail for an hour a day, and then tracks your time to hold you to those goals. It keeps track of how many days you have reached your goals and lets you know what your streak is. This provides motivation to keep meeting your goals so you will not break your streak. My Minutes is currently only available for Apple devices.

PayPal Here

PayPal is finally catching up to Square, Apple and Google with its PayPal Here app. This app allows your business to accept credit card and PayPal payments that are then directly deposited immediately into your PayPal business account. Because PayPal is so well-established and nearly everyone uses it, utilizing PayPal Here can prove advantageous over its competitors. It also has the major advantage of allowing your brick and mortar business to accept PayPal as a payment option. PayPal Here is ideal for individual vendors and smaller businesses. Systems with more advanced POS features might be needed for more specialized businesses.

While the software mainstays, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, are still popular for a reason, there are advantages to trying new options that ultimately may serve your business much better. Try these cool new software options to advance your business.