The Dichotomy of Systems Development Management

To become a Systems Development Manager, you need to be several things: front man, educator, mentor, sage, politician, etc. Also, another thing, you might also need to become a hypocrite. To ensure that you to definitely survive in the current corporate world there are here one factor for your superiors and staff, however make a move entirely different used. Allow me to provide you with a few examples:

* Around the one hands, managers know you should perform the upfront operate in systems design, e.g., current systems analysis, information needs definition, establish the correct systems architecture, etc., but however, they encourage their staff to hurry to coding without first thinking the issue through. It is because programming is an infinitely more tangible task than systems analysis, thus supplying demonstrative evidence towards the finish-user the project is progressing. Managers rationalize this by claiming they operate in a pressure oven and, as a result, “We do not have time to get it done right.”

* Around the one hands, managers claim they need standardization within their work effort (to obtain everybody communicating and dealing on the common level), but however, standards are tossed the window as soon as push involves shove.

* Around the one hands, managers want interchangeable workers who are able to easily get where another worker leaves off, but however, they’re reluctant to coach the employees to some uniform and consistent level of skill.

* Around the one hands, managers comprehend the benefits of discussing and reusing information sources, e.g., integrate systems and eliminate duplication, but however, no mechanism is carried out to look for redundancy. Consequently, systems lack integration, data integrity is questionable at the best, and systems are routinely re-written again and again, representing redundant work effort.

* Around the one hands, managers know their systems and software ought to be correctly documented to be able to expedite maintenance and future modifications/enhancements, but however, documentation is among the first things sacrificed whenever a project is delayed. The assumption is the machine is going to be documented later on regrettably, it never is. Rather of documentation being considered an important working oral appliance a consequence of design, it can be regarded as an irrelevant and troublesome task.

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